Located in the Middle Dalmatia, near the second largest Croatian city of Split, the beautiful island of Brac is a perfect choice for all those who would like to feel the real Mediterranean spirit! The Mediterranean climate, characterised by warm to hot and dry summers, and mild to cool winters, makes the island of Brac a perfect destination not just during summer months, but also the whole year! The island of Brac offers beautiful crystal-clear blue Adriatic Sea, untouched nature, rich cultural heritage and cultural events, especially during summer months, but also excellent food specialties. Brač nowadays attracts many tourists, but has also kept the atmosphere of the picturesque and peaceful, typical Mediterranean island.

Jewel of Adriatic Sea

Bol, the oldest town on the coast of the island of Brač, is situated in the southern part of the island. Spacious pebble beaches stretching in the length of ten kilometers and the famous Zlatni rat beach have made Bol the first tourist oasis on the island of Brač. Numerous little restaurants at the waterfront, fantastic sport activities and incredible Mediterranean surroundings make Bol a perfect vacation destination for both families and adventure seekers.

The mountain chain of Bolska kruna, an Illyrian fortress Koštilo and Vidova gora, the highest peak of the Adriatic islands, rise above Bol. At a distance of only 15 kilometers from the international tourist - sport airport of Brač, and due to the fast lines with the mainland as well as the ferry connection from Supetar, Bol is a reachable corner that attracts with its crystal clear sea, preserved environment and virgin-like beauty of the stone island houses.

Stunning nature of Bol

Bol, Brač is located in the Split-Dalmatian County and is the home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – the Zlatni Rat beach. Bol is situated on the southern side of the island of Brač, surrounded with millennium-old historical monuments such as the Dominican monastery, as well as with some amazing gems of nature, such as the Blaca desert.

The best way to enjoy Bol’s stunning nature and the Croatian cultural tradition, is by talking to the locals, who will always be ready to share with you a story from Bol´s past and by taking long walks and exploring the surrounding towns and countryside. If you get exhausted or hot due to the Dalmatian hot sun, you can refresh yourself in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea- it will always be a few steps from you.

History of Brača

Numerous archeological findings and monuments speak of the rich history of Bol dating back to the antique times - a roman aqueduct, tombstone stelae and reliefs, old Christian sarcophagi, preromanic church of St. John and Tudor from the 11th century, bishops residence from the 12th century, church of the Lady of Mercy from the 15th century, fortified gothic summer house from the 15th century, a renaissance baroque palace with a valuable gallery of contemporary Croatian art Branislav Dešković from the 17th century and the local church of the Lady from Carmel from the 18th century.

The founding of the Dominican community in 1462 and the building of a monastery in 1475, in which collections of prehistoric and antique naval archeology, a collection of Roman and early Croatian architecture and sculpture, a numismatic collection and a collection of church artifacts are being preserved today, are of great importance for the spiritual and cultural life of Bol. The museum also possesses a painting of the Madonna with the Child and Saints, which is the work of a Venetian painter Tintoretto from 1563.

Beaches in Bol, Croatia

Bol on the island of Brac in Croatia is famous for its beautiful pebble beaches. With total of 3650 m of pebble beaches, Bol is a great place for holidays for adventurers or family. The most famous one is the beautiful Zlatni Rat beach just a short walk from Zlatni Rat Beach Hotel. From the Zlatni Rat beach during summer months you can take a small tourist train or tourist boats to the centre of Bol.

Except for beaches, there is number of facilities in Bol offering various activities and products, such as windsurfing, biking, wine-tasting, tennis schools, spa facilities and traditional gastronomy, which you can enjoy while on vacation.

Family Vacation Destination

Branded and many times awarded, Bol in Croatia stands out as one of the most popular family destinations in Europe. Easy-going lifestyle and safety of Croatian islands, makes Bol on Brac perfect for families, where parents do not have to be in constant worry about their children. Also, there are many conveniences for parents with children, such as baby-sitting services, amusement parks and facilities for children, and most of the accommodations in Bol are equipped for pleasant family stay.

Enjoy, but stay active during your holiday in Bol!

Besides numerous small restaurants by the sea, discothèques and clubs, Bol also offers relaxing moments with the Dalmatian harmony-singing groups, performances of famous opera singers, theatre plays, but also art exhibitions of famous artists. As the largest tourist centre on the island of Brač, Bol offers to its guests twenty or so tennis courts, a large tennis stadium with 1820 seats on which the world tennis elite gathers every year. Bol is ideal for fans of indoor football, volleyball, basketball, bicycling, extreme sports, which are becoming more and more popular (trekking, free climbing, paragliding), water sports, particularly diving and wind-surfing. Due to extremely good winds during the entire summer, Bol is one of the most famous surfer destinations in the Adriatic.

Experience the best possible of Brač while staying in our Zlatni Rat Beach in Bol!